Sample Publications

Review article: Auditory brainstem development and plasticity. Issue: Mammalian Hearing.
Rubio M.E.
Curr. Op. Physiol. 18: 7 – 10 (2020).

Ultrastructural and functional changes at the tripartite synapse during epileptogenesis in a model of temporal lobe epilepsy.
Clarkson C.#, Smeal R., Gibbons M., White J.A., Rubio M.E.**, and Wilcox K.S.** (** co-corresponding authors)
Experimental Neurology 326:113196 (2020). Cover image.

Role of GluA3 AMPA Receptor Subunits in the Presynaptic and Postsynaptic Maturation of Synaptic Transmission and Plasticity of Endbulb−Bushy Cell Synapses in the Cochlear Nucleus.
Antunes F., Rubio, M.E., Kandler, K.
J Neurosci 40:2471-2484 (2020).

Microcircuits of the Ventral Cochlear Nucleus.
Rubio, M.E.
The Mammalian Auditory Pathways
Springer Handbook of Auditory Research 65, pp 41-71.
Springer International Publishing, D. L. Oliver et al. (eds.)

RAD52 is required for RNA-templated recombination repair in post-mitotic neurons.
Welty S, Teng Y, Liang Z, Zhao W, Sanders L, Greenamyre JT, Rubio ME, Thathiah A, Kodali R, Wetzel R, Levine A, Lan L.
J. Biol. Chem. 293(4): 1353-1362. PMCID: PMC5787811.

The number and distribution of AMPA receptor channels containing fast kinetic GluA3 and GluA4 subunits at auditory nerve synapses depend on the target cells.
Rubio ME, Matsui K, Fukazawa Y, Kamasawa N, Harada H, Itakura M, Molnár E, Abe M, Sakimura K, Shigemoto R.
Brain Struct Funct. 2017 Apr 10.

Impaired auditory processing and altered structure of the endbulb of Held synapse in mice lacking the GluA3 subunit of AMPA receptors.
García-Hernández S, Abe M, Sakimura K, Rubio ME.
Hear Res. 2017 Feb;344:284-294.

Conductive Hearing Loss Has Long-Lasting Structural and Molecular Effects on Presynaptic and Postsynaptic Structures of Auditory Nerve Synapses in the Cochlear Nucleus.
Clarkson C, Antunes FM, Rubio ME.
J Neurosci. 2016 Sep 28;36(39):10214-27.

ERK1/2 Activation in Preexisting Oligodendrocytes of Adult Mice Drives New Myelin Synthesis and Enhanced CNS Function.
Jeffries MA, Urbanek K, Torres L, Wendell SG, Rubio ME, Fyffe-Maricich SL.
J Neurosci. 2016 Aug 31;36(35):9186-200.

Excitation by Axon Terminal GABA Spillover in a Sound Localization Circuit.
Weisz CJ, Rubio ME, Givens RS, Kandler K.
J Neurosci. 2016 Jan 20;36(3):911-25.

Loss of VGLUT3 Produces Circadian-Dependent Hyperdopaminergia and Ameliorates Motor Dysfunction and l-Dopa-Mediated Dyskinesias in a Model of Parkinson’s Disease.
Divito CB, Steece-Collier K, Case DT, Williams SP, Stancati JA, Zhi L, Rubio ME, Sortwell CE, Collier TJ, Sulzer D, Edwards RH, Zhang H, Seal RP.
J Neurosci. 2015 Nov 11;35(45):14983-99.

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